We are completely technophobe savvy & offer very friendly aftercare service following your purchase. – for social media users, you will be able to join the private support group on facebook.

Paradox on Kodi – Having worked closely with them since the beginning we KNOW this is the best custom build out there.

Not only do you get the main build there is also a side build dedicated to Phoenix pre-installed in the updates Fresh, lightweight and regularly updated; no others compare as they are always over-filled with useless and broken links.

Don’t worry if you already have an android box, or if you have bought one elsewhere and never got the right set-up or support you expected – although we advise buying a good spec box from us, we can still improve your device.


A lot of the time we have people pass on their devices purchased from elsewhere to fix and basically it’s to improve them as they have been set up by individuals looking to make a quick tiny profit with the most basic and generally out of date installations with no after care what so ever.


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We supply the greatest HD TV (with HD video on demand – TV Shows & Movies) Service.

➡️ Works on all Amazon Fire Sticks & Boxes, all Android Boxes, Android Phones and Android Tablets.

➡️ Flawless HD streams – a complete 24/7 solution for the home.

➡️ 7 day fully integrated TV guide.

➡️ Rewind live TV for up to 1 hour.

➡️ Standalone solution – no need for Kodi or separate media players to work.

➡️ Free trials available.

➡️ Setup is simple and quick.

➡️ Full support (which you’ll never use).

➡️ Contact us for more details.

Many thanks,

Dr. Android.



If this is something that sounds familiar or interested in, get in touch with us and we will answer any questions you may have and arrange a dropping off of your device to us.

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